Notification service

This service is used to confirm OpenID authentication requests without logging in to the website.

Two technologies are currently supported:

  • Android  -- version 2.1 minimum (API 7)

The Android GrizzlID application allows you to manage pending OpenID requests from your phone.
Support for notifications (optional) needs to have an "Android with Google" device, which allows C2DM push notifications.
If your phone supports it, C2DM notifications are automatically enabled when you logon to the GrizzlID application.

Source code for this application can be found on Github.

  • Jabber

Notifications are sent via Jabber message. Just answer 'yes' or 'no' to accept or refuse an OpenID request.
To enable Jabber notifications, you have to set your Jabber ID in the 'My Account ' menu above.

You can manage notifications settings in the 'My Account ' menu above.